Why VPS Virtual Machines?
ANIMAL-host offers a range of cloud VPS virtual machines which are fully customisable so you can choose the package that’s right for you.

A Cloud VPS is a great alternative to conventional dedicated server as they offer dedicated server functionality at an affordable price, along with the flexibility of Cloud technology, including easy upgrades of RAM and SSD disk space.
VPS Management
To get the optimal performance out of your virtual machine our team of engineers and technicians can assist you. With Management our systems will monitor your virtual server 24/7/365 and you get an hour of dedicated engineering expertise or support every month. As a minimum we would recommend KernelCare to ensure that you don’t have downtime when updating your VPS, this is included in the VPS Management package.
Everyone is concerned about security and so ANIMAL-Host deploys the latest security architecture to ensure your enterprise hosting is always available. Our 24/7/365 monitoring detects any potential threats in order to ensure continuity of service. The highest physical security is deployed to protect your server and data, including 24 hours security personnel and CCTV surveillance, biometric and proximity card access systems.
CLOUD VPS OPTION - Select at Configuration

Management (recommended)

Choose a VPS Management option which includes KernelCare, 24/7 monitoring and 1 hr support per month from our skilled support technicians.
Backup (recommended)
Continuous Data Backup for Professionals - Choose from 1, 2 or 4 hour Snap Shot CDP.
Auto InstallerSoftaculous VPS (with cPanel only) 138 most popular scripts included.
SecuritySecurity Exploit Scanner (with cPanel only).
Database ManagementSQL Server 2008-2015 Web Edition (Windows only).
PerformanceCloudlinux - Improve your Cloud VPS's Security, Stability and Density (Centos Only).
Apache Performance Replacement
Upgrading your web server to LiteSpeed Web Server to improve your performance without increasing hardware and support cost.

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€29.95 / mo
1 C.P.U.

1GB of RAM

500GB Data Transfer

30GB Disk Space
€49.95 / mo
2 C.PU.

2GB of RAM

750GB Data Transfer

40GB Disk Space
€149.95 / mo
3 C.P.U

3GB of RAM

1TB Data Transfer

50GB Disc Space
€249.95 / mo
4 C.P.U

4GB of RAM

1.25GB Data Transfer

60GD Disc Space
€349.95 / mo
5 C.PU.

5GB of RAM

1.25GB Data Transfer

70GB Disc Space


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